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Agito Cosmos t3: Background Lines !

The shell.


Hi, Fabien. I really enjoy your style. I've been struggling to reconcile my love for Japanese style with more interesting character designs. You seem to do this flawlessly, though I admit I have a soft spot for Tezuka (forgive me if I'm way off base with your influences). I was wondering if Agito Cosmos is likely to ever be translated into English. I love your art enough to buy it even if it isn't, but obviously would prefer to be able to read it if that will be an option.

Hi, thanks for the kind words !

When we were child in France, we had a lot (I mean A LOT) of different series, comics,movies at disposal.

Japanese stuff, such as Cobra, Dr Slump, Astro boy, Sherlock Holmes, Judo boy, grendizer, X-OR (huge hero for me) have coexisted with american series like the fraggle rock, ducktales, Master of the universe, Gi Joe, Mask etc…

And the European production was great as well, Chapi chapo, Telechat, les mondes engloutis, Ulysse 31 etc…Without talkin about all the bande dessinée that we could read.

The profusion of styles, type of stories,concepts, humors, odd cultural references, was extraordinary for a 8 year old boy like me. I didn’t put any word or concept in it but I felt something was strange and really exciting. Everything was like a gigantic hydra of fun.

That certainly prepared us to be curious and to seek our “artistic meals” everywhere. Though I’ve been greatly and mainly influenced by japanese artists and production, I’m looking more and more at international artists (in animation, movies,music or gaming).

Mixing influences and find our own artistic path is one of the best but hardest part of our work, and it’s never over.

Concerning Agito Cosmos’s translation, it’s not planned yet.
But we are still searching.


Spy vs Spy !

Agito cosmos t.2 cover: step by step.

Plume !

What kind of photoshop brushes are you using for colouring?, they look great!

I’m very interested in warm, watercoloured like brushes. I’m currently changing my set. i found some great ones here:

I’m doing some tests with them:

And I found the awesome Kyle T.Webster site. He sells his sets, I picked the watercolour one (cs6)… it’s huge.

Hey Fabien! I really love all you're drawings, like I freaking aspire to be able to draw like you, you're a really huge inspiration. I was wondering how you learnt to draw did you go to any classes or was it just self taught. I can draw well at the moment, but I want to improve, I try to draw when ever I can :) Thanks!~

Hey. Thank you.

Even though I went to art school, I’m wondering if I ever “learned” to draw there.

I went to the “arts décoratifs de Strasbourg” and spent 5 years there. The two first years, I did almost everything but drawing, I discovered the huge world of culture and art in general (conceptual art, history of art/cinema,sculpture, paintinings, ceramic etc…) .

The three next years were dedicated to “illustration”. And again it was not about drawing, it was about the relation between text and image. It was theorical. And we practiced and learned the technical stuff all by ourselves.

I was lucky to find some great/talented guys in my class. The emulation was strong and I learned a lot with them. I didn’t know anything about comics and animation and it was a shock when I opened my eyes (I remember seeing “perfect blue”in theatre those years. At the end of the projection I knew what I wanted to do in life !).

Art schools in my opinion are great, not for the technical stuff you want to find there but for making you discovering EMULATION, DOUBT and CURIOSITY.

I hope it was helpfull !

Agito Cosmos: Heroes !

Agito Cosmos: Pénélope

complete model sheet here!


Early Hotel Transylvania character-designs by Fabien Mense - Part 2

(Part 1)

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